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iOS 15 Image Forensics Analysis and Tools Comparison - Processing details and general device information

As explained in the first blog post, I would like to start discussing the acquisition and processing details. The acquisition was done by Josh Hickman using the Cellebrite Premium tool and the result is a Full File System capture in the traditional file format created by UFED. If you open the file EXTRACTION ZIP you will see that UFED organizes the extracted full file system into 5 subfolders; filesystem1 : extraction of system partition, without the mount point “/private/var/mobile/” (“user data") filesystem2: extraction of the mount point for user data (“/private/var/mobile”) metadata1: metadata for files stored in “filesystem1” metadata1: metadata for files stored in “filesystem2” extra: iOS Keychain As always, when an acquisition is made with UFED, the ZIP file is accompanied by a UFD file that contains all the details of the acquisition process. UFED PA can load an acquisition created with UFED 4PC/Premium by simply loading the UFD file into PA GUI. The user has just