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Checkra1n Era - Ep 6 - Quick triaging (aka from the iPhone to APOLLO, iLEAPP and sysdiagnose in 6 minutes)

Over the last months, a lot of research based on the  checkm8 exploit  was done. On  data acquisition : Belkasoft ,  Cellebrite  and  MSAB  developed a "forensic-oriented" implementation of the checkm8 exploit Elcomsoft ,  Oxygen  and  Magnet Forensics  support a full file system extraction of a  checkra1ned  device My iOS BFU Triage script is a valid option for quickly acquiring test devices. Ian Whiffin & Shafik G. Punja  wrote a detailed guide on how to use checkra1n and iOS BFU Triage script on a Mac OS X Moreover,  Elcomsoft  and  Belkasoft  released an update of their tools to obtain a full file system acquisition of a wide range of iOS devices based on an "agent" and a new version of  unc0ver  came out last week: it is based on a zero-day exploit and affects all the iOS versions from 11 to 13.5. We can say that, compared to one year ago,  it is easier to jailbreak an iOS device and obtain a full file system acquisition , also taking in