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iOS 15 Image Forensics Analysis and Tools Comparison - Browsers, Mail Clients, and Productivity apps

The fifth episode is dedicated to three categories of third-party apps: browsers, mail clients, and productivity apps. There are 6 browsers, 3 mail clients, and 3 productivity applications available in Josh Hickman’s acquisition.  The 6 browsers are listed below, in alphabetical order. Brave DuckDuckGo Firefox Firefox Focus Google Chrome Microsoft Edge The 3 mail clients are listed below, in alphabetical order. Gmail Proton Mail Tutanota The 3 productivity applications are listed below, in alphabetical order. Microsoft Teams Slack Zoom APOLLO has no parsers for third-party apps, while ArtEx only has a parser for Google Chrome. Each section for each app is structured similarly: first, a list of the most important files and folders is provided, then a description of the tools parsing capabilities for that app, and finally two different tables. The first table provides the details for each action documented by Josh in the iOS 15 image documentation, and the second table provides a summary