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iOS 15 Image Forensics Analysis and Tools Comparison - Native Apps

I am finally back with the third blog post in the series! Before I introduce this new post, I want to point out some updates to the previous blog post.  I have corrected a couple of errors related to the Belkasoft tool, in particular the device UDID and the device phone number. Also, after the blog post, Alexis Brignoni released some new iLEAPP parsers that cover most of the “red” boxes and MSAB confirmed to me that they have already fixed all the “red” boxes from the previous blog post. At the end of the series, I will re-process the dataset with the latest version of the various tools, and create a separate table with the updated comparison. The goal of this third blog entry is to compare native application parsing, specifically the applications listed below that Josh Hickman documented while creating the test image: Contacts Call History (Phone and FaceTime) Messages (SMS/iMessage) Mail Safari Calendar Notes Maps Files Apple Music Wheater Alarms AppStore There are other relevant app