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A journey into IoT Forensics - Episode 5 - Analysis of the Apple HomePod and the Apple Home Kit Environment (aka thanks RN Team!)

This is the fifth blog post on the analysis of IoT devices. The first blog post was about the  analysis of Samsung refrigerator , the second one was about the  analysis of an LG Smart TV , the third one was about the analysis of an  Ematic Android TV OS Box , and the fourth one was about the analysis of an iRobot Roomba 690 . All the previous blog posts were based on images made available for research by VTO Labs . This fifth post is about the acquisition and analysis of the Apple Homepod and the Apple HomeKit environment. This is based on a research developed by our RN team during 2020: in particular, it was the research topic of the thesis of our internship Francesca Maestri , who successfully obtained her computer science degree last year. Congrats and thanks for your great work Francesca! This work was first presented online in June 2020 at the DFRWS EU 2020, as a short presentantion. It was also the topic of the famous DFRWS Rodeo. Presentation from the DFRWS, the Rodeo dataset, q